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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is a real-time strategy video game with turn-based elements and was developed by Tindalos Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive in April It lets you play one of the twelve factions existing in the original Warhammer 40, game. The game is set in the Warhammer 40, universe and tells three different stories in the included single-player campaigns. As a result of successful 13th Black Crusade, Cadia Prime — the most important and heavily-fortified Fortress World of the Imperium of Man — has fallen. This led to unexpected events and caused reshaping of the known reality.

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Neben dem Onlineshop betreiben wir auch ein Ladengeschäft in Berlin. Hier könnt ihr unser gesamtes Sortiment betrachten, euch zum Spielen verabreden, Figuren bemalen oder einfach nette Leute treffen. Mo, Mi, Fr: Folge uns auf Facebook.

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Lords and Lands enthält neben einem Spielleiterschirm auch ein Regelheft, in dem der Name Programm ist: Am Talsorian Games die erste Erweiterung zu seinem offiziellen Hexer-Rollenspiel herausgebracht. Die PDF-Version erschien am 1. Das Erweiterungspaket Lords and Lands ist das erste von mehreren angekündigten Erweiterungen und enthält einen Spielleiterschirm sowie ein Booklet mit neuen Spielinhalten:
There is very little information in Imperial records about this Titan Legion's founding, though it is believed that it was founded before the Age of the Imperium during the Age of Strife. These two Legions once stood sentinel near the tear in reality known as the Eye of Terror , guarding against invaders from the galactic north. But when the Warmaster turned upon the Emperor, the majority of both of the Forge World's Titan Legions were fighting at Horus' side in the Great Crusade , and they quickly swore their allegiance to him, following the Arch-Traitor into damnation.

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