Uranium series dating of marine and lacustrine carbonates and evaporites

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Erweiterte Suche. Springer Professional. Zurück zum Suchergebnis. Abstract Given enough time all subsurface evaporites eventually dissolve. Even in the subsurface sedimentary realm there are probably more intervals of dissolution residues than there are beds of salts.

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Serpentinitic systems are potential habitats for microbial life due to frequently high concentrations of microbial energy substrates, such as hydrogen H2 , methane CH4 , and short-chain organic acids SCOAs. Increases in formate and acetate concentrations across the three mud volcanoes, which are positively correlated with temperature in the subducting slab and coincide with strong increases in H2 concentrations, indicate a serpentinization-related origin. By contrast, the mechanism s of acetate production are not clear. Even though calculations indicate a wide range of microbial catabolic reactions to be thermodynamically favorable, concentration profiles of potential energy substrates, and very low cell numbers suggest that microbial life is scarce or absent.

7. Salt Dissolution and Pointers to Vanished Evaporites: Karst, Breccia, Nodules and Cement

Rogerson, M. Plan, L. Speläologie und Geologie der Hirschgrubenhöhle am Hochschwab Steiermark. Pacher, M.

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